Ebro's Delta

The Ebro’s Delta is one of the largests and most iconic wetlands of Western Europe, its fame as a birdlife hotspot spreading worldwide for its richness and abundance of both migratory and breeding birds. Its outstanding diversity stretches from single individuals to large breeding colonies of remarkable species such as the Greater flamingo or Audouin’s gull. Exceptional sights fill the skies at the peak of each migration, but this area offers a wealth of interesting species all year round.

During the summer the air is filled with the noises from well-established breeding colonies which include 60% of the world’s population of Audouin’s gull and the only large breeding colony of flamingos in Spain, amongst other rarities. In winter you can find here over 140.000 ducks, 12.000 flamingos, 400 Audouin’s gulls, over 12.000 egrets and herons from 10 different species and in excess of 70.000 waders from 30+ species.

We will be staying in confortable accomodation at the heart of the reserve to make the most of the beautiful landscapes of this region and its rich traditional cuisine. (Masia Tinet)