The Pyrenees

Our carefully planned routes through the Pyrenees of Catalonia and Arago will allow you to enjoy a variety and richness of wildlife and landscapes. During your stay at Alinya Mountain you will be witness to a unique event where all four vulture species of Europe meet at our unique spot: they are indeed the Griffon vulture, the Black vulture, the Lammergeier and the Egyptian vulture. We will also be able to observe other iconic species such as Wallcreeper, Capercaillie, Tengmalm’s Owl, Snowfinch, Citril Finch, Ptarmigan, Black Woodpecker, Common Rock Trush and Alpine Chough.

The hospitality throughout our routes has been carefully selected to showcase the most beautiful landscapes in the Pyrenees and the best of the local cuisine.

Pyrenees Bird list