1-     Habitat conservation and management in nature sites (Muntanya d’Alinya).
2-     Prey species re-introduction (rabbit at Pre-Pyrenean forest).
3-     Wildlife monitoring and census of raptors, capercaillie and Tegnman’s owl  in Alinya.
4-     Environmental education courses and guided nature walks in Espai Natua Muntanya d’Alinya.
5-     Fieldwork, workshops and media communication on the Black Vulture Re-introduction Project.
6-     Scientific bird ringing in many areas of Catalunya.
7-     Wildlife management advising on nature estates of Fundacio Catalunya-La Pedrera.
8-     Environmental Impact Assessment of a wind-farm project in Port del Compte.
9-     Management of three vulture restaurants.
10-  Monitoring starling populations in Mataro city.
11-  Coordination of student internships.
12-  Co-ordinated census in vulture restaurants across Catalunya, Andorra, Arago and France from 2008-2010.
13-  Viability analysis of an Osprey re-introduction project in Girona.
14-  Soft-releases for re-introduction projects of Black vuture and Eagle owl.
15-  Management advice for the creation of an Egyptian vulture restaurant in Montserrat Natural Park.