Steppe-lands of Lerida

The steppe birds of the Lleida region belong to the world’s most endangered taxa. This dry habitat is home to Great bustards, Little bustards, Black-bellied and Pin-tailed sandgrouses and many alaudidae of very narrow European distribution. With the aim to find and observe these and other species, we are priviledged to have unrestricted access to the “San Miguel Ornithological Reserve” from SEO-Birdlife.  It’s a 5.000ha private estate between Arago and Lleida, where we will also be hosted to minimize the travelling time and enhance the experience of these very special and harrowing landscapes.

After relaxing from a long and successful day trip, we will also be able to explore the estate at night time, as various species of owls and Red-necked nitghjars can be found there regularly. (San Miguel Lodge)