Prices and informations

Catalonia and Aragon (North-East Spain) offer greats oportunities for birding. Our tailored tours focus on three rich and constrastingly different eco-regions: The Pyrenees, the Steppe-lands of Lerida and the Ebro’s Delta.

Each area can be explored in two or three days and to see all three you will need a week.



Our prices table (Looking for some target species? Let us know!)

Group size1 2 3 4 5 6 More than 6
*Complete Tour (7 days / 6 nights) three ecoregions tour.**1.610 € /person1.185 € /person973 € /person885 € /person800 € /person**
*Pyrenees Tour (3 days / 2 nights)**610 € /person440 € /person350 € /person298 € /person260 € /person**
*Steppe-lands Tour (3 days / 2 nights)**630 € /person450 € /person370 € /person318 € /person280 € /person**
*Ebro's Delta Tour (3 days / 2 nights)**655 € /person480 € /person395 € /person340 € /person300 € /person**
***Pre-Pyrenees, Alt Urgell (one day Tour) 150€ /activity
(4x4 ride)
150€ /activity
(4x4 ride)
150€ /activity
(4x4 ride)
150€ /activity
(4x4 ride)
150€ /activity
(van ride)
150€ /activity
(van ride)
max. 8 persons
***Barcelona area Tours (morning, half-day tour, 5hrs). 60€ for 5 hours excursion.90€ for 5 hours excursion.
120€ for 5 hours excursion.
please booking one week beforeplease booking one week beforeplease booking one week beforenot available
***Barcelona area Tours (complete day - sunshine to sunset). 100€ /person (meals not included)150€ (or 75€ /person)
(meals not included)
195€ (or 65€ /person)
(meals not included)
**please booking one week before**please booking one week before**please booking one week before**please booking one week before

*Our tours include: taxes, two experienced and knowledgeable guides (Aleix Millet Sargatal and Marcelo Brongo), transportation (from/to Barcelona or Girona airport) , full board and access to private estates. Our tours exclude flights, personal expenses, alcohol, insurance, souvenirs)

**All others combinations of tours are possible.  Ask us for an estimate with no obligation.

***One day tour and Half-day tour excludes meals but includes an experienced guide (Barcelona with Marcelo Brongo, Pre-Pyrenees with Aleix Millet Sargatal), transportation (vehicle, fuel, toll). Barcelona tours includes transportation from any point within metropolitan area. Pre-Pyrenees tours includes transportation from Seu d’Urgell (Alt Urgell, Pyrenees).



All these activities can be included in our tours with a small extra cost:

  • Vultures feeding point (only at Alinyà, Pyrenees) 15€/person

The best way to enjoy all the FOUR BIGS scavengers of Europe (Griffon Vulture, Black Vulture, Egyptian Vulture and Lammergeier) in the same place at the same moment! This 4 hours activity makes possible the observation of these species (and other ones like Golden Eagle) and understand their behaviors.


  • Nocturnal tour (only at San Miguel, Steppe-lands) 100 €/ 4 persons

A unique opportunity to see hard to find species like owls, nightjars and other ones. This tour is made like a ecosafari with a convertible 4×4. This include a guide and a driver.



  • Photographic Hides for vultures and birds of prey

Our wildlife photographer Francesc Muntada, organize photographic tours in “all comfort” hide for an unforgettable experience (Max. 4 people and min. half day activity). Focus on Mediterranean Wildlife