Our Team

Aleix Millet Sargatal

  • Technical in Management of Natural Resources and Landscapes (Pont de Suert)
  • MSc Wildlife Management and Conservation of Natural Resources at IUSC (International University Study Centre)
  • Technical Postgraduate in Environmental Studies at IUSC
  • Postgraduate in Environment and Heritage Interpretation at UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)

Aleix has a wealth of management and field experience in the Pyrenees as he has been the habitat and wildlife manager of Alinya Mountain Nature Site – the flagship site of the Fundacio Territori i Paisatge de Caixa de Catalunya- since 2003, as well as providing technical support to management works in many other trusts’ nature sites across Catalonia. He has been heavily involved in the conservation of its endangered species and the restoration and enhancement of their habitats, with outstanding projects such as the re-introduction of the Cinereous Vulture in Catalunya (a partnership project between Fundacio Catalunya – La Pedrera and the Generalitat de Catalunya), the management of vulture restaurants, the re-introduction of the Rabbit as the key prey species of the mountain ecosystem, vulture and other scavenger species monitoring and environment impact assessments of windfarms on protected raptor species. Aleix has used his experience on the ground in field studies of other local species such as Tengmalm’s owl and Capercaillie, and he still finds the time to develop his educational skills by tutoring placement students and preparing posters and presentations of the many projects he is involved in.


Cristina Sellarés de Pedro

  • BSc. Biology, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain)
  • MSc. Wildlife Biology and Conservation, University of Napier (Scotland)

Cris studied Biology at the universities of Barcelona, Spain, and St Andews, Scotland, where she joined research projects on marine mammals and seabirds. Her job as a marine biologist took her to Norway, The North Sea and the Falkland Islands. She later specialized in population management of endangered birds, learning captive breeding techniques whilst working at Jersey Zoo’s Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and at the National Birds of Prey Centre (UK), and joining reintroduction projects of Osprey, Cirl Bunting, Great Bustard and Mauritius Kestrel. She has also carried out research on the breeding biology of Bonnelli’s Eagle and Marsh Harrier with the help of nest cameras and studied seasonal migration in ringing stations. She presently works for the National Trust for Jersey as the Project Officer of Birds On The Edge, a partnership initiative aiming to hault the decline of threatened birds through habitat restoration, population management and the reintroduction of the locally extinct Red-billed Chough.


Marcelo Brongo

  • Master degree in Biodiversity at University of Barcelona (Spain)
  • Biologist, Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada)
  • Bird Ringer and Trainer, Institut català d’ornitologia (ICO, Barcelona)

Marcelo has worked in a variety of conservation, research and education projects that have taken him from forests and wetlands in Canada and Sweden to the warmer lands of Mexico, Spain and southern France. His work in Canada involved the preservation of a river forest and neighboring waterways for migratory birds in the outskirts of Montreal, as well as a research project on Black-backed woodpecker in Grands-Jardins National Park. In Mexico Marcelo’s main occupation was writing popular science articles about the illegal trade of birds and scientific bird ringing projects in the regions of Querétaro and Oaxaca. He moved to Barcelona in 2002 where he continued his training in bird ringing. In 2010 and having just obtained his full license he joined a research project on the winter moult of the Siskin during its invasive phases, working closely with Barcelona’s Museum of Zoology. In 2011 he launched a bird observatory and ringing station at Illa Audi, within the Delta de l’Ebre Natural Park.  He also has worked in partnership with the Doñana Biological Station investigating the occurrence of mites in passerine feathers. At the moment, he is teaching bird ringing for beginners in various research stations and education centres in Catalonia.