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Catalonia Week-long Tour (may 5-11, 2014).

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” We would like to say thanks for a great time, we really enjoyed it and plan to be back. We enjoyed the trip greatly, visiting some beautiful places, having some wonderful experiences, eating the local specialities, seeing a lot of very nice birds and generally, having a lot of fun with good company. We also appreciate being dropped off at our hotel in Barcelona, where we had three super days prior to returning home. We have great memories to last us until we return to the area, which we would very much like to do, in the not too distant future.” - Tony, Lynne, Mick & Pauline (Jersey, UK)

Birds list.

Two different photographic tours in one month! (may 1-3 and may 31- june 2, 2014).

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” Aleix e Marcelo sono le nostre guide di fiducia per la Catalonya e Aragona. Abbiamo fatto due tours con loro entrambi di successo. Nel primo abbiamo visitato le steppe di lleida e poi alinya sui pirenei. Nel secondo ci siamo concentrati sul delta dell’ebro e poi ancora sulle steppe di lleida. Noi siamo fotografi naturalisti e non birdwatcher per cui abbiamo bisogno di guide in grado di trovare ma sopratutto avvicinare i soggetti. Chiaramente la cosa non è facile e non vi sono certezze ma noi abbiamo sempre avuto successo grazie a Corax. Conoscono molto bene le varie zone e la ricerca non è mai casuale. Entrambi hanno una grande cultura ed esperienza nel mondo animale. Oltre questo sono simpatici e disponibili. Usano un grosso van dal quale si può fotografare anche con grandi teleobbiettivi. Lo spazio non manca ma in auto non possono esserci più di due fotografi. Per il birdwatcher è diverso ed il numero non è un problema. Le zone in cui operano maggiormente sono: lleida steppes -zona davvero formidabile, la nostra preferita, pirenei – eccellente per mountain birds ma sopratutto per avvoltoi ed aquile: zona ottima per il lammergeier (anche con hides), delta ebro- zona stupenda e ricchissima di avifauna principalmente acquatica li vicino abbiamo anche visitato una zona collinare molto frequentata da upupe e falchi. Insomma due ottime esperienze e speriamo presto di fare la terza!”  - Stefano Romei from Prato (Italy)

Birds list of both tours.

Three-days Tour (Pyrenees Area) October 24-26, 2013.

” We spent three days with Aleix in and around Alinya.  It is an area where you only have to look up to see vultures, even from your hotel room!  We work in vulture conservation, so seeing such large numbers of big vultures in the wild is a passion for us and Alinya did not disappoint.  Griffons, Bearded and Black vultures were all sighted daily and we were very interested in the work Aleix does with the Black vultures.  We also saw Golden eagles, as well as many other species, both raptors and non-raptors.  We went to some beautiful places and found out a lot about the work that the Foundation does in the area.  We are already booking a return trip for 2014 and look forward to seeing more!  Thanks Aleix.”  - Lou and Kim from Hawk Conservancy Trust (Andover, UK).

Half-day Tour (Barcelona area) September 9, 2013.

” Que d’incroyables découvertes m’attendaient lors de ma virée ornithologique dans la chaleureuse région de Barcelone.  Accompagnée d’un guide chevronné, j’ai eu la chance de découvrir des dizaines d’espèces d’oiseaux, de toutes les couleurs et mélodies.  À travers marais et montagnes, j’avais peine à quitter mes jumelles tellement la nature m’offrait de surprises.  Les envolées de Guépiers d’Europe se posant à la cime d’un arbre,  la Huppe fasciée nous guettant d’un oeil dans sa quête de nourriture, le Martin-pêcheur d’Europe brandissant ses plus belles couleurs, le fier Grèbe huppé veillant à la sécurité de son petit.  Que de beaux souvenirs je garderai de ma visite.  Milles fois merci! “ - Isabelle L. from Montreal (Canada)

Birds list: (Barcelona area) September 9, 2013.

Three-days Tour (Barcelona area and boat trip Medes Island, Estartit) June 7-9, 2013.

” I went on a three days Birding tour with Marcelo, and had an absolutely fantastic days. Marcelo picked me up at the train station in Barcelona and that was how this birding adventures started. I saw 10 really great lifers, just the ones I was looking for! In general I was thoroughly impressed with Marcelo´s knowledge of the birdlife and where to find them, also fully informed and passionate about nature I thoroughly recommend Marcelo´s tour to anyone who is interested in birding in the Catalonia area and surrounds. Marcelo is a terrific host and guide. I am looking forward to my next trip to Catalonia and another day out in the field birding with Marcelo. “- Andrés E. Ríos-Saldaña from Monterrey (Mexico)

Birds list: Barcelona area and Medes Islands: june 7-9 2013.